About us

Delbosco, unprecedented quality.

craftsmanship, attention to detail,
attention to customer needs
and constant search for new solutions.

Delbosco is present in the funeral sector with a wide range of coffins and funeral accessories since 1975.

The innovative spirit, coupled with the attention and respect for the surrounding environment, has led to the creation of coffins entirely painted with water based varnish. Innovation, which has made it first in its field.

The distribution of Delbosco branded coffins, produced by Valle Varaita Delbosco Soc. Coop, is conveyed by Wald s.r.l., based in Piasco, which supplies products with expediency and efficiency, thanks to constantly stocked warehouses.


Quick delivery with vehicles of your property and our trusted staff.

Technical and commercial assistance before and after sale.

Possibility of choosing from a variety of coffins (more than 100!) made in different essences and finishes (glossy, satin, open pore).

Constant attention to customer needs.

First in the sector to make a entirely water-based painting cycle.

High-quality materials from certified forests.

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Great public participation at the Memoria Expo fair in Brescia!
A sincere thanks to all those who visited our stand.

Linea d’Acqua
for those who love choosing consciously

Our line of solid wood products made with a entirely water-based painting cycle.

What is the result?
Flawless aesthetic result and respect for nature.

The low environmental impact of our water-varnished coffins contibutes to reducing pollution during the cremation process and facilitates the decomposition of buried corpses.

Our company, which has always been careful to environmental conservation, is energetically autonomous thanks to the power supplied by a photovoltaic system and to the heat obtained from combustion of reject wood. The new “Linea d’acqua”, made in Italy, is distributed by Wald s.r.l. in prompt delivery thanks to a number of warehouses which are constantly supplied with coffins of different models and dimensions.

For those who care about nature

The protagonist of our ” Linea d’Acqua ” is an innovative
completely water-based painting cycle.
Coffins with impeccable aesthetic and sensory performance and
a sustainable heart that minimizes
pollution during the cremation process and facilitates the
decomposition of bodies subject to burial.
Our company has made environmental protection
the guiding principle of its business: Delbosco has
an autonomous energy production system, thanks to
the electricity produced by the photovoltaic system
and the heat obtained from the combustion of production waste.
The “Linea d’Acqua” with the exclusive soul of Made in Italy
is distributed by Wald s.r.l. and is available for immediate delivery,
thanks to an efficient operational and logistical organization.